V-Design is coming…

5 Sep



20 Aug

WTF Productions has many new projects in the pipe line…

From new band web pages coming online, songs and experimentation, art, poetry and much much more.

One of these groovy WTF.P projects, ‘V-Tographi’, will be launching in the next several weeks.

Watch this space

Can you feel… Real love?

New strips will follow

18 Aug

sorry freaks… the interweb has been meesing me about recently but is now sorted (i hope).

THUS! new comics will soon follow.

in the mean time… submit some comical ideas you have, i can draw it out and all and put it as a skitzo strip or culliz comic… AND YOU GET INSTANT DEDICATION + FAME= SMARTIES!

try it on for size


sweet jesus

Dirty Fish

9 Aug

Dedicated to Dustin Fischer

A Small Cell Phone Is a Cool Cell Phone

7 Aug

Dedicated to:

Don Hertzfeldt

Smilies Should DIE!!!

2 Aug

20Minutes on a Computer

2 Aug